GoedBouw has a good reputation in quality construction and renovation in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. GoedBouw uses its Lean GoedBouw Planning® to manage the building process; this ensures efficient work with high quality.
Within the GoedBouw team there are craftsmen in several disciplines. In the plan of action and the clear planning, you will therefore see a large team scheduled.


Express your wishes

Do you dream of renovating or adding on to your home? Let us make your dream a reality. With our experience, skilled workers and quality materials, almost anything is possible. Tell us your dream and we will think along with you.

Fountain of ideas

Thomas will look at the renovation or conversion plans with you on site and will often see possibilities that you yourself might not have thought of. In short, he will give you ideas, but of course you will decide.


Clear offer

Our quotations describe all the work and materials with which we can realise your wishes in stages.

Good guidance

We have weekly construction meetings where we discuss the phasing, progress and quality and can discuss any new or modified requirements.


Completion and aftercare

We are extremely critical of our work. We think it is important that the work delivered meets all agreements and meets all your wishes. We pay a lot of attention to the delivery procedure. This can be read in full here. The most important thing is that you are satisfied. Would there still be some points? In the maintenance period up to 3 months after delivery, we tie up all loose ends, if there are any.

Insurance and warranty

GoedBouw works together with AON Amsterdam for adequate and careful insurances. GoedBouw has comprehensive third-party liability and CAR insurance. GoedBouw gives a two-year guarantee on its work.